How to Train Your Cat to Do Tricks

Once you have mastered the important aspects of Cat Behavior problems like: Female Cat Spraying, Male Cat Spraying and read my article entitled Stop Cat Biting; you can move on to teaching your cat some fun tricks. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to train a cat.

You may have heard that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well the same thing holds true when training cats. Some cats will respond to being given praise and affection, but the vast majority of cats respond even better to being given food treats. All you have to do is get your cats to associate a given behavior to being rewarded with food and they will do whatever you want them to do.

The Very First Trick
Teaching your cat to come when you call is the very first trick that you should teach it. You begin by waiting until it is time for your cat to eat. Get her attention by tapping on her dish and tell her to come. When she complies give her a piece of food and a lot of praise. Repeat this everyday until your cat comes to you on command.

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Meer-cat by GreyHobbit, on Flickr
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Shaking Hands
Cats naturally use their front paws a lot. You can use this instinct to teach your cat to shake hands. Gently touch your cat’s paw and tell her to shake hands. When she lifts her paw, shake her paw gently. Then praise her and give her a treat. Keep repeating this in the exact same way and she will eventually learn to shake hands just like Fido.

Start with your cat in a sitting position. Hold a treat over your cat’s head and tell her to beg. If she tries to snatch the treat out of your hand don’t give it to her yet. First get her to beg and when she does this without trying to snatch the treat, then give it to her and also shower her with praise.

Wave Goodbye
Hold a yummy treat in your hand and let your cat smell it. Then wave your hand back and forth in front of your cat and tell your cat to wave. Your cat will try to paw at the treat. When she makes a pawing motion that resembles waving goodbye, give her the treat and show her a lot of affection.

Start by holding a treat six inches above your cat’s head and tell her to dance. Move your hand around to encourage her to stand on her back legs and to dance. Keep this up for a little while and then give her the treat and tell her what a good kitty she is.

This trick is especially easy if your cat likes to have her belly stroked. Tell her to rollover and then get her to lie on her back so that you can pet her belly, then let her roll on to her stomach and give her a treat. As she gets used to rolling over, slowly reduce the amount that you stroke her belly, until you don’t have to stroke her belly at all and she just rolls over on command.

Importance of Repetition
The key to training your cat is repetition. You need to keep asking her to do something in the same way, over and over until she does it consistently. You also need to keep rewarding her consistently to provide positive reinforcement. If you do this enough times, you will become the proud owner of a very well trained kitty.

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