Housing Prices: Why The Worst Is Yet To Come

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” – Henry Ford

Groupon: Party Like Its 1999
Groupon’s attempt to raise $950M could be the largest fund raising ever for a startup. It looks like the level of giddiness is back to what we’ve seen in 1999. Party on!

Bernanke And Obama Focused On The Wrong Policies?
What? You mean that debt fueled consumption is no way to grow an economy?

European Sovereign Spreads Are Rising
Will spreads stay wide forever or will they narrow? If they narrow, do they narrow by German rates rising or by the rates of the other countries falling? I guess depends on whether Germany decides to bail everyone else out.

Davidowitz On Rates
“If interest rates go up a point Bernanke’s bankrupt. Everything he’s bought is underwater. All the MBS are underwater, the whole country is underwater.”

Which Of The Three Economic Dominoes Will Be The First To Fall?
A top analyst lists his top ten factors to watch in 2011.

Housing Prices: Why The Worst Is Yet To Come
Top economist Stephen Roach spills the beans.