A Few Cool Musical Instruments To Learn

Music touches our souls like no other thing in the world. It can be very uplifting and inspiring or it can also be very dark or contemplative. One of the coolest ways to express yourself is through music. You can use your voice or you can also learn an instrument. Here are a few cool instruments to learn.

When it comes to instruments, the first thing that nearly everyone picks up is a guitar. But consider the ukulele instead. It is smaller and much easier to transport and it is probably easier to learn, as it has only 4 strings instead of 6 strings like the guitar. Most ukuleles are also cheaper than guitars so that is another factor in its favor.

It has been said that the instrument that comes closest to the human voice is the violin. Sometimes the violin can make somber music and even seem to be weeping. And at other times the violin can be used to make the most riveting, inspiring music you have ever heard. It simply has a wide range of capabilities. Like the ukulele it is small and easy to take with you, but unlike the ukulele it is much costlier.

The piano is a great instrument. What would music be without it? The main issue with the piano is its size and weight. But you can avoid this by picking up a great keyboard. The piano is difficult to learn on your own and lessons will probably help greatly. But once you master it, you will be able to make music that touches the soul.

Drums are very primal. Just about every culture in the world has some version of the drum in their musical arsenal. Drums are easy to learn, provided that you can keep a beat. I guess some people are born with this ability and others are not. You can buy a full set or even a single drum that you can play with your hands.