A Mixed Review Of Content Professor

Content Professor

Content Professor

Content Professor is an online article spinner. Essentially you go to its website, type in your article and it helps you to create a number of unique articles from your original article. It does this by replacing words in your article with synonyms. It has a large, user generated synonym database that is constantly refined by its users.

Content Professor, like all article spinners, can help with your SEO efforts. You can write one article, spin it into many articles and submit each of these articles to article directories to gain back links. The creators of Content Professor claim that: it is the most advanced web based article spinner; it has the best synonym database; it comes with a huge PLR article library; it generates high quality articles.

Some of the positives that I see include the following. It is completely web based. You don’t have to download a piece of software and you can use it from any computer and in any web browser. It has a free trial version. This gives you the ability to try it before you buy it.

The main downside to the Content Professor is that I’ve seen a few negative reviews on it. Some people claim that the spins it generates are poor and unreadable. Obviously, you would not want to use something that produces poor spins. Others claim that their customer service is poor and it is hard to get a refund from them. So they had to go directly to clickbank to get a refund.

In conclusion, I would give Content Professor a neutral rating. Based on its features it shows promise. But the negative reviews are hard to ignore. But since it offers a free trial version, there is little to lose by trying it. To find out more you can visit its website at contentprofessor.com.