Bengal Cat Behavior

Bengals are really friendly cats. But if you are not careful you can run into some of these behavioral problems.

Behavior Problems
Bengals really like water. When you are giving them a bath this may seem like a positive rather than a negative. But this love of water can cause them to do bad things. They may try to jump in the shower with you or jump on the sink to drink out of a running faucet. They may play with their water dishes and cause the water to spill out. They may even take a leak or take a dump in their water dishes when you aren’t watching.

They are super social cats and this poses a problem when they do not receive enough attention. When starved for attention they will do many bad things. They may pee outside of their litter box and they may destroy your furniture by scratching or biting. You need to spend time with your cat or find your cat a good feline friend to play with.

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They can become very aggressive if not properly trained. They will want to run, jump and stalk things. Sometimes this playfulness can turn into full fledged aggression. Be gentle when playing with them or they will learn to play rough.

Bengals are descended from Asian Leopard Cats which are a bit wilder than normal cats. So if they are only a few generations removed from the Leopard Cats they may be a little untamed. But if they are a little further removed from their ancestors they tend to be very kind and loving. They will often want to get involved in whatever you are doing. They will want to play with you and your children. Unlike most cats, they actually like water. So this means that bathing them is not as big of a deal as with other cats. Just make sure that the water isn’t too cold.

Peeing and Spraying
Like most cats, Bengals will try to mark their territory. Since they have descended from wild stock, they will exhibit this behavior to a greater degree than other more domesticated cats. If you want to prevent this behavior your have to address it before it starts. The way to do this is to have your cat neutered before it starts spraying. If you wait until it starts marking its territory, it may be too late. It may keep on doing this, even after it is fixed. If you have problems with a female cat spraying, it isn’t doing this to mark territory. It is probably doing this because its food dish and litter box are located too close together.

Hunting Instinct
These cats aren’t far removed from their wild ancestors. They have powerful instincts and if you let them out of the house they will try to hunt. Usually they are very good hunters, so you really need to keep them on a leash if you take them outdoors or they may end up killing innocent little birds. One of the reasons why they like water is that their ancestors would often hunt for fish in streams and shallow lakes.

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