Bengal Cat Personality Traits

If you want to understand bengal cat behavior, a good place to start is with an understanding of bengal cat personality traits. These cats have a number of amazing traits, some of which are not very cat-like. Read on to learn more.

Bengals can handle themselves well. Their ancestors have been looking after themselves in the wild for a very long time and this carries over into the breed. They know what they want and they aren’t afraid to get it. They won’t let anything, including people, stand in their way.

Bengals aren’t like other cats that are happy to be by themselves. You know the kind of cat that doesn’t want anything to do with you, unless you are bringing its food. Bengals love affection and interaction with their owners. They’re a little more dog like than other cats in that they really like spending time with you.

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Bengals are super affectionate. If you have multiple cats this trait may not be expressed as heavily. But if you have only one cat, it will follow you around during the day, it will sit on your lap in the evening, and it will sleep on your bed if you let it. Just be prepared for an outpouring of love from this type of cat.

Unlike some breeds, Bengals, aren’t shy. On the contrary they are very outgoing and social. They like people and other cats and of course they really like interacting with their owners.

Bengals are ridiculously smart and clever. They may try to follow you around and imitate what you do.

Bengals and especially Bengal kittens love to play. Their high energy levels and their playfulness can make them more than a handful to manage at times. They may fetch balls or try swimming in aquariums. They may jump up on your counters and run around up there too. And of course you may just want to hide any balls of yarn or toilet paper or you mya have a really big mess on your hands.

Their love of water is un-catlike. It seems that they have retained this trait from their wild ancestors. Their ancestors had to catch fish in order to survive. And if you are a cat, you obviously can’t use a fishing pole, so they had to jump into the water to pounce on fish. These cats have retained this instinctive love of water, so keep them away from any aquariums or they may go swimming and do a little hunting too.

They are still full of the wild energy of their ancestors. As you know, Bengals were bred from wild cats that had to hunt for a living. They have not lost the energy of their ancestors and will channel this energy into playing around.

Attention Hogs
Bengals will demand your attention. They will come up to you and rub against you and do anything they can to get your attention. This will also mean loud meowing.

They are very loud and talkative and may even keep you up at night. Other cats may be classified as vocal. These cats go way beyond vocal and are definitely in the loud category.

Bengals are awesome cats with a number of very cool traits, some of which are not very cat-like. One trait that comes from their wild roots is a high propensity to mark their territory. If you want to learn more about what you can do about this, see my articles on Male Cat Spraying and Female Cat Spraying. In these articles I talk about why they spray and what you can do about it.

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