Can You Train A Cat?

Your cat seems to have a mind of its own. Is it possible to train it? The answer is yes, but you are in for a lot of frustration if you don’t understand the basics of cat training. Here are a few things you should know before you try to train your cat.

First, cats are much harder to train than dogs and they will require a lot more work to train. So be prepared to work diligently if you want to train your cat. Training your cat will take a significant amount of time, so don’t get discouraged if your cat doesn’t seem to want to comply. It just takes time.

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When cats were first domesticated thousands of years ago, people were looking for solitary mouse-hunters and little else. They didn’t care if their cats listened to them or made good companions; they just cared about how many mice their cats caught. Hence cats were bred for mice catching abilities and not obedience. Today, that is changing, but there are thousands of years of breeding that you will have to overcome in order to train your cat, so be prepared to put some work in.

Second, cats have smaller brains than dogs. Their brains are smaller in absolute terms and their brains are smaller relative to their size of their bodies. Now smaller brains don’t necessarily mean that they are dumber, but more of their brains seem to be focused on hunting, rather than social interaction and understanding. That is why cats don’t tend to operate in packs like dogs. And this lower degree of social skills also means that cats are less likely to be able to interpret your commands and expressions. So they may not seem to pick up on your commands as rapidly as dogs.

But despite all of this, if you are dedicated enough, you can train a cat. This has been demonstrated time and again by various enthusiasts, who have taught their cats to sit, shake hands, beg and even fetch. They managed to train their cats by using positive reinforcement. They just rewarded their cats when did obeyed. The only real difference is the amount of training required to train cats is higher, it simply takes more repetition. So the answer is yes, you can train a cat but you’ll have to work much harder to train it.

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