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Tesla’s Inventions

In my Tesla Secret Review, I covered Tesla Generators. But today I wish to discuss some of Tesla’s better known inventions. Tesla was a very prolific inventor and he invented a large number of things that we take for granted. Many of his inventions form the basis of our modern society. Radio Radio was one … Continue reading

A Harsh Tesla Secret Review

The creators of Tesla Secret say that if you buy their program and put it into action you can cut your electricity bill by up to 100 percent. Is this really possible? What Do The Creators Of Tesla Secret Claim? The Tesla Secret is a $47 ebook that promises to show you how to build … Continue reading

Tesla Coil

We all know that the Tesla Generator was a remarkable device produced by an equally remarkable man. But today I wish to talk about the Tesla Coil, which is an equally impressive device. What is a Tesla Coil? A Tesla coil is a resonant transformer invented by Nikola Tesla all the way back in 1891. … Continue reading