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Male Cat Spraying

Male cat spraying is often caused by an innate instinct to mark territory, while female cat spraying is usually caused by other reasons. As you increase the number of cats you own, the likelihood of them spraying goes up. Before you dig into this article, see my post on How to Litter Train Kittens if … Continue reading

Female Cat Spraying

Why is your Female Cat Spraying? Unlike male cat spraying, female cat spraying isn’t usually motivated by a desire to mark territory. It is generally motivated by a number of other issues. If you cat is still young, you might want to read my article on How to Litter Train Kittens before you get into … Continue reading

Bengal Cat Behavior

Bengals are really friendly cats. But if you are not careful you can run into some of these behavioral problems. Behavior Problems Bengals really like water. When you are giving them a bath this may seem like a positive rather than a negative. But this love of water can cause them to do bad things. … Continue reading