A Negative Review On CB Traffic Warrior

CB Traffic Warrior

CB Traffic Warrior

Andy X recently released a product called CB Traffic Warrior. It is essentially article submission software, and X claims that it made him over $500 thousand in sixty days.

X claims: that his product will help you to achieve similar results; that his software boosted his traffic from nothing to thousands of hits per day; that it will dramatically slash the manual work of internet marketing; that is requires no technical expertise; and that it yields totally free traffic.

Now if all of his claims are true, this would be an absolutely amazing product. But even if they are valid, there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same result. It seems unlikely that someone would sell a piece of software that generates thousands of dollars a year for only $47. But I guess it is possible.

While researching this review, I found a number of people with sales pages offering glowing reviews of this product, so maybe it is working for them. But on other sites, I found a number of negative reviews. The main complaint is that this is just dressed up article submission software that didn’t yield any results for them.

The lack of results could stem from two factors: first, the product doesn’t work or second, the product works, but wasn’t used properly. I’m not in a position to comment on which is the case, but the incredible profit numbers used in the sales page for this product make me hesitant about it. So I cannot recommend it. But since the price is only $47 and it comes with a money back guarantee, trying it is not that big of a gamble. So if you are still interested in it you can check it out at its official site. Or you can check out my Unique Article Wizard Review. UAW is the article submitter that I use, it doesn’t make the same big profit promises but it seems to get the job done.