Conference and Event Management

Here are a few of the top companies in the conference and event management space. If your budget allows, employing one of these companies could make your life much easier. But if you are on a limited budget you might want to see my event management checklist or read my event management software review. These tools could make the do it yourself approach a little easier.

CEM is a woman owned business that is based in Iowa. It is a leading provider of services to manage events and conferences. It can manage your entire event or it can provide just the services that you need. They have been in business for a number of years and might be able to help you get better rates from the vendors that are required to run your event.

Meeting Expectations
Meeting Expectations
provides a full set of services to manage your events. Another outstanding aspect of this company is that is also provides association management services. What this means is that it can help you manage and grow your business association. They can help you manage the existing members of your association and they can help you with getting new members too.

University of Utah
The University of Utah has an offering that is focused on academic conferences. They work with colleges to help them put on outstanding academic conferences and they have been doing this for over thirty years. They offer everything from online registration services to event promotion. They can help you with events that are in your neighborhood or on the other side of the planet.

AMR offers a full range of services and they have a great deal of industry specific expertise. So you can be assured that they can meet the specific needs of your industry. They work with you from the initial stages of planning all the way to the post conference wrap up. They have a large number of contacts in the industry and their relationships can help you get better pricing from your event service providers.

Certain provides event management software. So if you are looking for a full service provider you may need to look elsewhere. But if you are looking to manage your event or conference on your own, they might be what you are looking for. Their software handles online registration, budgeting and planning.

JDG started out small by providing logistical assistance to a conference for minority business owners and they grew from there. They have been providing a complete conference management service for over ten years now. They are focused on conference planning in the Human Resources space, but of course assist other areas too.