Echostar Remote Programming: How To Program An Echostar Remote Control

Dish Networks is a great service. You get lots of channels for a very low price and you even can get a DVR and a universal Echostar remote control. These universal remotes can be programmed and used with a number of different electronic gadgets like your television set and your dvd player.

Devices from virtually all major manufacturers can be controlled by the remote if you know the correct codes. All you need to do is look up the code in the manual and punch it into your remote and voila, your remote will be able to control the device. How easy is that? After you do this you can get rid of all the other remotes that are cluttering up your living room.

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To program the remote, first, you must power up the device that you wish to control. Then make sure that you have batteries in the remote, it always helps to have batteries, and depress the button for the device that you want to control until the light for it turns on. Next enter in the device code and press the pound button.

To check if you successfully entered the code, hit power and see if the device responds. If the device doesn’t respond, follow the previous and try re-entering the code. Make sure that you are entering the code correctly. If you get the code wrong, it just won’t work.

If you are lazy like me, you can use the scan function. Simply activate the device that you wish to control. Next press the device button on the remote. After that, press the up or down arrow button repeatedly until the device shuts off. Once the device shuts down, press the pound key to store the code in memory. This is much easier than reading the manual. After all, who really reads manuals?