Event Management Checklist

When hosting a big event you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly and every last detail is addressed. There are a thousand little things that can go wrong and this is why you need to follow a carefully prepared event management checklist that lists all of the steps required to hold your next major event. Here is a checklist that you can use when planning your next important function.

Initial Planning

  • Decide on the goals and theme of your event
  • Choose a date and time
  • Select a format and outline a program


  • Decide exactly how much you can spend on the event

Build a Timeline

  • Start with the date of the event and work backwards
  • Jot down every major task
  • Note who is responsible for each task


  • Choose a venue that fits into your budget
  • Visit the venue and make sure it has everything required by your event
  • Book the venue and pay the deposit

Service Providers

  • Hire a photographer
  • Hire lighting and sound people
  • Select a caterer and pick a menu
  • Buy signs and banners
  • Hire people to do security and parking


Set the Program

  • Choose or hire a Master of Ceremonies
  • Select, contact and book guest speakers

Invite Your Guests

  • Draft an invitation letter
  • Compose your guest list
  • Print and mail invitations
  • Record everyone who RSVPs


  • Design ads for your event
  • Issue press releases
  • Purchase advertising for your event
  • Post flyers


  • Write out detailed program with exact times
  • Compose a briefing for your speakers
  • Prepare information packets for your speakers
  • Make sure the speakers have your contact information
  • Develop your final guest list
  • Print name tags for all confirmed guests
  • Prepare hand outs and gifts for guests
  • Prepare a seating chart
  • Prepare your multimedia presentation
  • Coordinate and finalize the plans for music and sounds


  • Gather and collect all invoices and receipts
  • Prepare a summary of what went right and wrong for next time
  • Write thank you letters to everyone who made your event a success