Event Management Software Review

The event management software space is quite large and there are many different software companies that offer this type of software. Choosing the right provider is not easy. Sure you could go without software and use a simple event management checklist, but if you are managing a complex event, you probably should really consider using software.

Ungerboeck offers one of the most complete event management software solutions. It has thirty different modules that you can use to create a system that meets your needs. And all of its components are tightly integrated, so that you don’t have to keep switching between several different applications to plan your event. Everything is in one place. Beyond event management, it handles sales, registration, financials and CRM.

Aprimo provides a cloud based event management system. What’s good about cloud based systems is that you can access them from any computer. If you are at home, you can use your home computer and if you are at work, you can use your work computer. This makes Aprimo very convenient. Their system offers calendar, booking and tracking modules. Their software is also tightly integrated with their marketing software, so it can help you track the impact of your events.

DEA has solutions that are segmented based on the size of your organization and the number of venues that you need to manage. It has offerings for companies with a single venue to companies with multiple venues spread out around the world. It is highly focused on the education vertical with a number of solutions tailored to K-12 schools as well as colleges.

Eventsoftware is focused on the smart phone niche. Its event management software can be accessed on smart phones and tablets, as well as on desktop computers. This allows you to book an event and manage it when you are on the go. Being mobile is a highly attractive feature. Their software is also cloud based and this will allow you to access it from different computers.

Regonline has been in business since 1996 and it is one of the leading solutions out there. It has managed more than 140,000 events globally and its software has registered more than 8 million people at these events. It manages attendees, integrates email marketing and event handles payment processing over the internet.

Reserve Interactive
Reserve Interactive‘s software covers the full gamut of event management from start to finish. It enforces a standardized management process over your entire organization so that all of the planners working for you will deliver the same high quality of planning for their events.