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Exit Splash

Exit Splash

Exit Splash is a piece of software that you can add to your website to help increase your exit traffic conversion rate, it is much more than a simple popup script. David Guindon, the creator of Exit Splash, implemented the following features: a warning window that asks if your visitor if they are sure that they want to leave; a visual image that gives your visitor an alternative to leaving; an audio message to persuade your visitor to take action; a final page that offers a discount to increase the chance of a sale.

Guidon claims that Exit Splash is a powerful method to extract hidden money from your website. It does this by working with the traffic that you already have and converting it to sales at a higher rate. In addition to increasing sales, Guidon says that it can also increase the subscription rate to your email list. The main benefit to Exit Splash is that it allows you to make better use of your website traffic. Every visitor that leaves your site without taking action is a lost opportunity, Exit Splash helps to turn these lost opportunities into sales.

Why you might want to consider Exit Splash? It can pay for itself if you are able to boost your conversion rate by using it. You can reduce your spending on acquiring visitors, because each visitor is worth more if your conversion rate is higher. It has a quick and easy installation process.

What are the drawbacks of Exit Splash? It doesn’t fix a bad offer. If your offer is not compelling, no amount of persuasion will convince your prospects to buy it. It can be misused. One or two exit popups are fine, but some people may go overboard with it and ruin the internet experience of everyone. It must be used intelligently, if your popups are not compelling, it won’t make a difference if you display them or not.

In summary, Exit Splash is not for everyone. You have to have a little marketing expertise to use it effectively. You also have to have compelling offers to fill it with. If you lack these two components, it probably won’t work for you. But if you can meet these requirements, it will probably help to make the most of your visitors, so it is probably worth looking into. You can get it at exitsplash.com.