Female Cat Spraying

Why is your Female Cat Spraying?

Unlike male cat spraying, female cat spraying isn’t usually motivated by a desire to mark territory. It is generally motivated by a number of other issues. If you cat is still young, you might want to read my article on How to Litter Train Kittens before you get into this article.

Female Cats Aren’t Marking Territory

When male cats spray, they often do so to mark their territory. Female cats don’t spay to mark territory. They usually spray for other reasons. They usually spray because their food is too close to their litter box. What happens is that they don’t want to risk contaminating their food so they find other places to use the bathroom.

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Odd-eyed cat by ihasb33r, on Flickr
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What to Do?

The first thing that you should do is move their food dish as far from their litter box as possible. You wouldn’t want to eat in your bathroom and neither do they. If you have the space, put their food dish and their litter box in completely separate rooms. If you don’t have the space, at least put these items in different sides of the room.

Next make sure that their litter box is kept as clean as possible. Your cats may not use it if it is dirty or it smells. And remember they have a better sense of smell than you do. It may smell fine to you, but not to them. Use a quality cleaner from the pet store to get rid of those smells that you can’t smell. Use three inches of litter in their litter box and make sure that it is scooped regularly.

After that find the spot that they have been spraying and make sure that you clean it well. If they can still smell traces of urine after you have cleaned it, they may keep on spraying that spot. Make sure that you use a pet store cleaner that is designed to completely remove all traces of the mess that they made, including the smell of it.

Finally, teach your female cat not to spray by utilizing its instinct not to spray where its food is located. After you have cleaned the spot that it sprayed, put a tiny bowl of dry food in that spot. This will teach your cat that this location is for eating and not for going to the bathroom. This will play upon your cat’s instinct not to go to the bathroom where it eats.

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