A Negative Forex Loophole Review

Forex Loophole

Forex Loophole

Forex Loophole is a currency trading system created by Joe Jamieson. It is a piece of software that Jamieson claims will enable its users to trade forex profitably with a minimum amount of effort. It works by telling the user when to enter and exit trades to reduce the burden of decision making.

Jamieson makes the following claims: it requires no special knowledge; it requires no effort, you just setup the software and let it work; it doesn’t have any massive upfront fees. He also states that: it has a 99% win rate; that it made over $200,000 in profit for him in a year; and that it has extremely small drawdowns.

The benefits of Forex Loophole are obvious if Jamieson is to be believed. It can make a lot of money. It requires little work. And it costs little to get started.

However, I am a little skeptical regarding Forex Loophole. The claims seem too good to be true. Obviously forex trading is risky. Can a piece of software really reduce the risk to an acceptable level? The profit claims also seem to be outrageous. Can you really make $200,000 with a minimal upfront investment? I guess it’s possible, but is it probable?

In conclusion, Forex Loophole sounds like an amazing product, but I can’t recommend it. If Jamieson’s claims are valid, it is truly an exceptional product. But if they aren’t, then you may end up losing a lot more money than you are making. I think that if someone found a system that was this profitable they would not be selling for such a low price. But if you are still curious about it, you can read more about it at fxloophole.com.