What Is Free Mass Traffic?

Free Mass Traffic Review

Free Mass Traffic Review

Free Mass Traffic consists of software to do the following tasks automatically: rss submission, directory submission and social book marking. The premise behind this program is that you can do these tasks automatically and get traffic for your website without paying for it and without doing a lot of work beyond using this software.

Chris Allen, the creator of the program, claims that he used this program to get more than 20 million visitors in 31 days and these visitors resulted in sales of more than $460K. If these numbers are accurate, they are very amazing.

I suppose that one of the benefits of this program is that it takes little work on your part. It automates come of the basic SEO tasks that you might be doing manually to help your site’s search engine rankings. It frees up your time to do other important tasks like research and producing great content.

But the main negative that I see about the program has to do with expectations. If your goal is to match the numbers of Chris Allen, this is a lot different than if your goal is to accomplish basic SEO on your website.

The tasks that this program automates could all be done manually but they take a lot of time. The appeal of this program is that is automates all of this for you. And as far as pricing goes, this program isn’t that bad. For the time-being it only costs $37. So if you value your time more than this amount, it might not be such a bad deal. Furthermore it comes with a two month guarantee, which reduces your risk further. So if you would like to learn more you can read more about it at freemasstraffic.com.