Getting a Kitten

With modern veterinary care cats can live up to twenty years, so getting a kitten is a very big commitment. So before you get a kitten you really should make sure that you think things through. Do you have the time and energy to devote to a cat? Do you work long hours or go on extended trips? If you are getting a kitten for your children, are you prepared to care for it if they lose interest in it once the novelty wears off? Do you live in a place with restrictions on pets? All these questions and more should be considered before getting a kitten.

Selecting a Kitten
You can adopt a kitten from the pound or you can buy one from a breeder. No matter where you get your kitten from, you’ll want to make sure that it is healthy. Healthy kittens are playful and energetic. They have a shiny coat, alert eyes and pink gums. For additional assurance you should have the kitten checked out by a veterinarian. Generally it is best to make sure that the kitten is at least 12 weeks old before bringing it home.

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Kittens! by plizzba, on Flickr
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Feeding Schedule
Young kittens should eat four to five times a day. By the time it is a year old it should be eating three times per day. Kittens require food that is slightly higher in protein. Also make sure that they have a dish of clean water available at all times.

Litter box Training
In general, you should try to get a kitten that has already been litter box trained by its mother. Then it is simply a matter to getting your new kitten accustomed to the location where you choose to keep its litter box. The first few days that the kitten is in your home you should keep it in a room with its litter box. Otherwise the kitten could get disoriented in your house and not be able to find its litter box in time. After a few days, you can let the kitten out of its room and it should have no trouble locating its litter box.

Becoming Friends

Your new kitten will become friends with you and your family, but don’t expect this to happen all in one day. This will take time. Leaving its mother and siblings is a traumatic experience and so it will take time for the kitten to bond with you. But don’t worry, just keep showing it affection and soon you will be best friends.

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