A Positive Review On Google Places Unleashed

Google Places Unleashed

Google Places Unleashed

Google Places Unleashed is a video course that was developed by Mario Brown. It will show you how to rank a business well in Google’s local search listings. If you know how to rank a business well, you can use this knowledge to sell a ranking service to businesses in your community.

Local search is currently underutilized by most businesses and there is little information on doing SEO for it. Brown’s course consists of twenty videos that start from the basics, like setting up a local listing account, to the advanced, like how to get backlinks that are optimized for Google’s local listings.

Brown says that you’ll discover: how to find offline clients who will pay big bucks for getting them ranked; what you must include to retain top rankings; dirty secrets that will have your clients begging you to help them; how to avoid getting google-slapped; how to price your services maximize your income; how to collect recurring income.

What are some reasons not to take this course? If you are unwilling to put in the effort to study each of the courses videos, you probably shouldn’t buy this course. It has a learning curve and will take effort on your part. Similarly, if you are uncomfortable with personal selling, this course is not for you. Once you have honed your ranking skills, you will need to sell your services to local businesses. If you are incapable of doing this, you should not order this course. Granted, this course will show you secrets on how to improve the selling process.

So if you are interested in learning how to improve local search rankings, this is the course for you. It promises to show you the techniques to rank well and how to sell your expertise to local businesses. To try this course, please visit: gplacesunleashed.com.