Health and Music: How They Are Related

Health is intimately connected with music. The right music can reduce stress and lower blood pressure, while the wrong music can elevate stress, increase blood pressure and cause many stress related conditions. In addition, extremely loud music can cause hearing loss, which is another huge health issue.

Soft classical music with a tempo of 60 beats per minute has been shown to slow the heart rate and alter brain waves. It seems to produce what is called a relaxation response. This relaxation response serves to counteract the stress of daily life, and stress probably kills more people than is commonly believed. We think that heart disease and stroke are what kills people, but what exactly produced the heart disease and strokes? Perhaps it was chronic levels of stress.

Rock music makes for great listening when you want a boost of energy, but when played all the time, it can have the opposite effect of classical music. And when played loudly as it often is played, it can lead to hearing loss.

Hearing loss caused by listening to overly loud music is much worse than simply being unable to hear things. Hearing is a very important sense and not being able to hear can cause a number of problems beyond missing a few words in a conversation. Imagine that you are about to cross a busy street, when a passing car that you did not see honks at you to warn you not to enter the intersection. Without the gift of hearing, you could easily have been hit by the car.

Hearing loss can also make it harder to participate in conversations. As it gets harder to participate in conversations, many people tend to withdraw and stop meeting with others. As social creatures, we tend to suffer when our interactions with others suffer, and so hearing loss can affect us emotionally, and emotions can definitely affect our health.