How To Start An Auto Repair Shop

In this article, I am going to tell you how to start an auto repair shop. Nowadays just about everybody owns a vehicle and everyone who owns a vehicle needs to get it repaired or serviced every once and a while. So there’s a high demand for the service provided by auto repair shops. But in the event you do not setup your business properly, you’ll find numerous pitfalls that you could run into.

The first thing you’ve got to do is market analysis. You need to determine how high the demand for auto repairs are inside your area and you should determine how great the supply of auto repair services is as well. What you’re trying to find is high demand and low supply. This will give your shop the best possible odds of succeeding.

Next you have to figure out how much dollars will be required to open and run your shop. You’ll will need to tally up the costs of rent, employees and equipment. Once you have this figure you’ll need to project just how much revenue your shop can make. If you are lucky, it is possible to fund the enterprise out of your savings. If you are not so lucky, you will need to take your projections to a bank and get a loan.

Once you’ve got the cash and you’ve opened your shop, you’ll require a steady stream of customers. At first, clients aren’t going to just walk into your door. You’ll have to find them. One method to get clients would be to approach local businesses that have a fleet of cars. Supply them a volume discount if they’re ready to have their fleet repaired exclusively by you. Another source of customers is local auto insurance firms. Frequently they’ll have loads of cars that will need repairs.

Finally, staffing is truly crucial. When starting out, it really is very beneficial if you could get family members to do the office tasks like answering phones and collecting bills. This way you are able to keep expenses low, while you’re just getting going.

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