Market Samurai: How To Do Keyword Research With Market Samurai

Market Samurai

Market Samurai

Today, I want to write about how to do keyword research with Market Samurai. Market Samurai is software that I use regularly when performing keyword research.

Once I have selected a niche, it helps me in the following ways: it generates a list of related keywords, it shows how much traffic these keywords are getting, it provides an indication of the amount of competition for these keywords and it gives you an overview of the back linking that your competitors have done.

The first thing I do is to think of the main keyword for a niche that I am interested in. Then I launch the program, create a new project and set this as the main keyword. Next, I click on the keyword research button and have it generate a list of keywords for me. This list gives me an indication of the amount of traffic that the keyword is receiving and the overall level of competition for it.

Once I have found a keyword with good traffic and low competition, I did a little deeper into the competition by using the seo competition function. This shows me the top ten competitors for the keyword and it gives a good overview of the on page and off page seo work that my competitors have done.

Finally, I click on the PR analysis button that is displayed next to each of my competitors to view the PR of each of their back links. This gives me an indication of how difficult it will be to out rank them. If they have a lot of high PR back links, this means that ranking will be difficult. But if they have low PR back links, ranking will be easier. Furthermore, I can take a look at their back links and see if I can get back links from the same places that they have obtained their back links from. You can get a free trial copy of Market Samurai by visiting the Market Samurai Website.