Siamese Cat Personality: Find Out What These Kitties Are Like

Siamese cats have wonderful personalities and they make great house cats as long as you are able to devote enough time and attention to them. They are not as independent or aloof as other cats and so they really like spending time with their owners or with other cats. So if you are not at home during the day, you may want to consider getting two of them so that they can keep each other company while you are gone.

Extroverted, Social, Affectionate
Siamese kitties are really extroverted and social. They are not one of those types of cats that wants nothing to do with you until feeding time. They want to spend time with you and will develop a very strong bond with you. They enjoy sitting on laps and jumping into bed with their owners. You may have to fight to claim your pillow or they will claim it first. They really do need a lot of your time as they don’t like being alone.

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Highly Intelligent, Entertaining
They are one of the smartest breeds of cat. They will listen to commands and they are easily trainable. But they are also very smart and sometimes a little willful. They may do what you want when you are around, but when you are looking they may do things that you don’t allow when you are watching them. The are smart enough to open latches and cupboard doors and I’m sure that if they had opposable thumbs they’d be able to open round door knobs too. They are very agile and creative and they like climbing and jumping so they are sure to keep you entertained. And entertain you the will as they really like to be the center of attention, so they will try hard to get your attention when you are distracted with other things.

Vocal, Talkative
Siamese cats are very vocal. They may sometimes sound like a baby crying. At other times they may make quiet mews and when they really want your attention they will make extremely loud meows. They never seem to stop talking, but often they talk with a purpose. Once you figure out what they want they may quiet down.

Though they are not very independent and like to hang out with their owners, they also like to explore very nook of your house, garden and the rest of the outdoor world. If they are cooped up indoors all the time they may get bored and start to scratch furniture and carpets. To prevent this bad cat behavior you should give them toys, scratching posts and a lot of attention. And if possible take them outside with you on a leash.

Bad Habits?
They are usually really good cats, but they may have a few habits that people may consider to be bad. They really like high places. They may hide on top of cabinets or refrigerators. In their quest to be king of the mountain they may knock fragile items off shelves, so be careful where you put your precious keepsakes.

Some exhibit an unusual behavior that has been dubbed smurgling. This is when they knead a cloth, blanket or even you with their paws while sucking or drooling on the object of their attention. They may have a dazed or day-dreamy look when doing this, so perhaps they are thinking back to the time when they were kittens drinking a little milk from their mother.

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