A Harsh Tesla Secret Review

Tesla Secret

Tesla Secret

The creators of Tesla Secret say that if you buy their program and put it into action you can cut your electricity bill by up to 100 percent. Is this really possible?

What Do The Creators Of Tesla Secret Claim?

The Tesla Secret is a $47 ebook that promises to show you how to build a Tesla Generator that can produce free electricity. The creators of this program claim that:

  • It can help you save hundreds of dollars a month on your electricity bill
  • The generator can be built for less than $100
  • It is simple to build and can be built in less than an hour
  • The generator is mobile, so you can take it with you when you go camping
  • You can power small devices like clocks and big devices like refrigerators


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What Bothers Me About The Tesla Secret?

However, this is what puts me off about the Tesla Secret. It makes really big claims: they say that you can produce enough electricity to save hundreds of dollars on your electric bill. Perhaps, this is true, but if it is, why are they selling a $47 ebook? Why aren’t they building their devices and selling electricity. If their devices really produce that much free electricity, they could sell the electricity for half the price of a utility company and still make billions in profits.

But you could argue that the creators of this program are altruistic scientists, rather than greedy capitalists who only want to exploit their knowledge of Tesla’s inventions to make as much money as possible. Sure they could keep what they know secret and use it to profit tremendously. But perhaps they are more concerned about solving the world’s energy problems and they are working to this end by sharing Tesla’s knowledge, instead of keeping it a secret.

Reasons To Look At The Tesla Secret

Now that we have considered the negatives, here are the positive aspects of the program:

  • The creators of the program promise to show you how to generate free electricity.
  • The website has a fascinating video that shows you all the steps to build a miniature Tesla Generator for only a few dollars.
  • The price is exceptionally low, it is only $47.
  • It is delivered electronically, so you can access it immediately.
  • It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

In summary, it is well worth five minutes of your time to peruse the Tesla Secret Website and review their claims for yourself. There is a fascinating video that shows just how easy it is to extract free electricity from ever present radio waves. Be careful if you are expecting to produce enormous quantities of electricity, but if you like tinkering with things and don’t have excessively high expectations it is well worth a look.

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