Tesla Generator – My Full Investigation

Several websites claim that they can show you how to build a generator which will provide free electricity for your home. They are selling plans for various devices that they say were invented by the electrical genius Nikola Tesla. These websites like teslasecret.com say that they can show you how to build a Tesla Generator that can provide free electricity.

Is it really possible to build a generator that can produce free electricity?

I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t immediately rule out this possibility. In fact, here is a video that shows you how to build a small scale Tesla Generator. If you are a true skeptic like me, perhaps you can try building this on your own. It will only cost a few dollars and a few minutes of your time to prove or disprove whether it is possible to get free electricity.

Tesla Invented Several Generators

Did you know that Tesla actually invented several different generators to produce free electricity? He claimed to have produced three generators, which could accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

Tesla asserted: “I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device,” and he filed a patent for an “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy”. The concept behind the device was very simple, it aimed to collect charged particles, radiated by the Sun, and use them to generate an electrical current. To do this, a metal plate was to be placed as far from the Earth as possible and another metal plate was to be placed in the ground. Current generated by the charged particles hitting the top metal plate would induce a current which would flow to the ground. This current could be stored in a capacitor and then used as electricity.

Tesla’s second idea for a generator utilized thermodynamics instead of cosmic radiation. It used heat differentials to create electricity and it violated Lord Kelvin’s conjecture that it is not possible to create a device that takes heat from its environment and uses that heat to do work. Tesla knew that this was not correct; in fact, he theorized that a long metal rod mounted in the Earth and extended all the way into space would generate electricity as heat is conducted away from the Earth. The electricity would keep flowing until the Earth cooled to the ambient temperature of space.

Though this idea is intriguing, it appears to be very impractical. However, it has already been implemented, but just not in the form that Tesla imagined. Today we have a number of power plants utilizing this principle all around the world. The name of the technology is Geothermal and all it does is use heat from the Earth to heat water, which turns into steam which is then used to turn a generator.

Another Tesla Generator was a derivative of Faraday’s unipolar generator. Faraday’s generator produced electricity inefficiently, it required you to put more motive energy in than the electricity you would get out. The reason why this occurred was one of Newton’s laws: for every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction. As the Faraday generator rotated it would induce an electrical current which would then induce a magnetic field that would resist the rotation of the generator. So as you tried to spin the generator faster in order to produce more electricity, it would get harder and harder to spin.

Tesla claims to have solved this problem by improving upon the design of the Faraday generator in two ways. First he made the magnetic portion of the rotor bigger and second he divided the rotor with spiraling curves to direct the flow of the current better. Making the magnet bigger allowed the generator to generate more current, while adding the spiraling curves allowed the current to flow more efficiently and altered the timing of the magnetic forces encountered by the rotor, such that they would add to the rotation instead of fight the rotation of the generator.

Other Self Running Generators

Professor Philip Mihailovich Kanarev of Russia says that he managed to build a self running generator, which he has submitted for testing to the Russian Academy of Science. On the surface it appears to have a design similar to  Tesla’s Generator. You can see a video of it here:

An Australian company, called Lutec, has patented a “free energy machine” which they claim produces up to ten times the amount of energy that it consumes. By using  precisely timed electrical pulses their invention overrides the magnetic inertia that causes normal generators to resist the forces that are used to spin them. A video by Sky News Australia on this invention used to be posted on youtube, but it has been removed. Are a cabal of energy companies trying to suppress their invention? But here is a news article on them.

Critics of the Tesla Generator

On the Energetic Forum there is a discussion on Tesla Generators. One of the commentators believes that all of the sites are scams, especially the ones that all look the same. Many of the other commentators are a little more balanced. They believe that it is possible to extract electricity from the air, but they question the wattage that can be extracted.

A lens on Squidoo is very critical of the plans sold by Magniwork she says that these plans can be found for free on the internet so Magniwork should not be able to sell them. She also says that their claims for the amount of energy generated may be exaggerated.

In a similar vein, Sterling Allan has work a highly critical letter regarding Magniwork to Clickbank saying that the plans are bogus”.

Are these folks right about the Tesla Generator? I don’t know, it’s hard to say. But the fact is that it appears that there are devices that are able to generate more electricity than they consume.


It appears that there is no conclusive proof whether or not you can build a Tesla Generator to power your home. People have built small scale devices to charge cell phones and these devices appear to work. Other people claim to have built industrial scale self running generators which resemble one of the generators that Tesla had invented, but so far none have commercialized them. One thing is clear, Tesla was a genius. He conceived of all of these inventions back in the early 1900s before most homes even had electricity. One site you might want to check out is teslasecret.com and see for yourself if their claims have merit.

ø Is Tesla Secret a Scam?

A lot of people think that the Tesla Secret is a scam. After all, how can you get free energy, isn’t this akin to perpetual motion. But the truth is there is no such thing as free energy. Energy does not just appear out of thin air, energy is neither created nor destroyed; it simply changes forms.

Even the Tesla Secret is simply about converting energy from one form to another. All it attempts to do is convert radio waves into electricity. This is something that happens all the time in everyday devices like your television, radio and cell phone. We convert energy from one form to another all the time. We convert the kinetic energy of water rushing down a mountain into electrical energy via hydroelectric generators. We convert solar energy from the sun into electricity with solar cells. We convert heat energy from the Earth’s core into electrical energy using geothermal. We convert energy from radioactive decay into electrical energy in nuclear power plants and so on.

On the Tesla Secret website, they have a short video that shows you how to construct a simple circuit to convert the energy stored in radio waves into electricity, which they then use to charge a cell phone. It is simple and cheap enough for you to build on your own to see if what they say is true. Keep in mind that this isn’t free energy in the sense that it comes from nowhere, but it is simply the conservation of energy in action. Energy is just being converted from one form to another.

So if you think that the Tesla Secret is going to allow you to get energy from thin air, you are wrong. But if you understand that it is simple the conservation of energy, the conversion of energy from one form to another, you are on the right path. The big question is can it produce enough energy to be of consequence? You’ll have to decide for yourself, visit the Tesla Secret website to see if what they have to say has merit.

Tesla Generator: A Genius Inventor’s Best Kept Secret

They almost blocked him out of the history books, but he’s the one responsible for the largest inventions surrounding electricity in the 1900s.

Nikola Tesla – the genius who invented alternating current and transformed modern physics. Few people know it, but Tesla had a gigantic vision. His goal was to bring free energy into every single abode. And for a brief instant he succeeded!

Tesla came up with an ingenious (and brilliantly simple) way to utilize the cosmic radiation of the sun (but not “solar power” as you know it) and turn it into free energy!

But just days after Tesla made his invention public, Big Energy shut down his funding and he was unable to fulfill his vision. What’s more, shortly after his death, most of his important blueprints disappeared and were never to be seen again for another 90 years.

Apparently, some of the original Tesla plans were leaked from government records and ended up in the hands of a team of “underground” scientists. Furthermore, these scientists didn’t hoard Tesla’s invention for themselves. Instead, they’ve decided to blow the whistle, so that anyone can benefit from it!

We’ve heard that the website is getting a lot of heat from the energy companies, so you might want to visit this website and read more about this controversial breakthrough.