Is the Tesla Generator a Scam?

Many believe that the tesla generator is a scam; however, there is much more to the story than you think. Did you know that Nikola Tesla actually conceived of several different fuel-less generators? Way back in the 1890’s Tesla dreamed up a number of different generators that did not consume fuel; he even ended up patenting a charged particle collector. Was he trying to invent the impossible or did he actually end up building a revolutionary device that could change the world?

One thing to keep in mind is that virtually all scientists agree that it is possible to extract “free energy” from space. In fact we already do so via solar cells. But did you know that we can also generate electricity from electromagnetic energy in the form of radio waves? In fact, it happens all the time, in every device with an antenna. Radio waves strike the antenna and induce a small current, which is then amplified and transformed by an integrated circuit in our cell phones, radios, gps devices, laptops and television sets. The only thing is that the amount of electricity produced is rather small.

Telsa’s filed a patent for his first idea for a fuel-less generator back in 1901. It was a device that collected “Radiant Energy”. Essentially, the Sun and other stars throw off charged particles into space, which scientists call cosmic radiation. His idea was to place a collection plate high in the air and bury another in the ground. As the charge flowed from the plate in the air to the ground it would be driven through a capacitor and could be stored for use.

Telsa’s second idea was totally different. Instead of relying on cosmic radiation, it relied on thermodynamics and heat differentials and was at odds with a supposition by Lord Kelvin it would be impossible to build a machine that extracts heat from its surroundings and uses that heat to perform work. Telsa thought that this was bunk. He envisioned a long metal rod mounted in the Earth and extending all the way into space. As heat is conducted away from the Earth, it would generate a current in the metal rod and this current could be used to power a motor until the Earth cooled off. This idea is also very intriguing, but seemingly very impractical.

Telsa’s third idea was the most fantastical of all, he conceived of a unipolar generator that could actually produce more energy than it would take to spin it. Essentially, once it brought up to speed by a starter motor, it would keep spinning on its own and while generating electricity. This definitely sounds like perpetual motion to me. It was based on on a Faraday generator with a few unique modifications. The problem with a Faraday generator is that it was inefficient, a current produced in one side of it would produce a magnetic field that would fight against its rotation; thus more energy was required to keep it spinning. Telsa altered the design by changing the positioning of the magnets such that they would not fight each other but instead generate a self-reinforcing push that would actually cause the generator to spin even faster. If you want to learn more about the Tesla generator click here.