Tesla Generator: A Genius Inventor’s Best Kept Secret

They almost blocked him out of the history books, but he’s the one responsible for the largest inventions surrounding electricity in the 1900s.

Nikola Tesla – the genius who invented alternating current and transformed modern physics. Few people know it, but Tesla had a gigantic vision. His goal was to bring free energy into every single abode. And for a brief instant he succeeded!

Tesla came up with an ingenious (and brilliantly simple) way to utilize the cosmic radiation of the sun (but not “solar power” as you know it) and turn it into free energy!

But just days after Tesla made his invention public, Big Energy shut down his funding and he was unable to fulfill his vision. What’s more, shortly after his death, most of his important blueprints disappeared and were never to be seen again for another 90 years.

Apparently, some of the original Tesla plans were leaked from government records and ended up in the hands of a team of “underground” scientists. Furthermore, these scientists didn’t hoard Tesla’s invention for themselves. Instead, they’ve decided to blow the whistle, so that anyone can benefit from it!

We’ve heard that the website is getting a lot of heat from the energy companies, so you might want to visit this website and read more about this controversial breakthrough.