Tesla’s Inventions

In my Tesla Secret Review, I covered Tesla Generators. But today I wish to discuss some of Tesla’s better known inventions. Tesla was a very prolific inventor and he invented a large number of things that we take for granted. Many of his inventions form the basis of our modern society.

Radio was one of Tesla’s inventions. Many think that Marconi invented radio. But in fact Tesla invented radio a number of years before Marconi, but he never filed the patent on it. Without radio we would not have a number of things that we take for granted. We would not be able to communicate across vast distances. We would never have sent a man to the moon. Even modern cell phones would not exist.

Alternating Current
Tesla also invented alternating current. Alternating current allows the transmission of power over vast distances. This allowed electricity to be generated in places far from the home. After all, we have to put a hydro electric power plant by a river or it won’t work. And did you know that he also invented hydroelectric generators that convert the power of a rushing river into electricity.

Wireless Power
Wireless power transmission was another of his inventions. This never really took off, but it is starting to make a come back today. Right now, wireless cell phone chargers are close to hitting the market and the batteries in newer pace makers are being recharged wirelessly.

Microwave Generators
Tesla also invented microwave and x-ray generators. How would we be able to make microwave pizza without the invention of the microwave? And how would we diagnose and fix broken bones without the x-ray machine?

A.C. Motor
Finally, Tesla invented the a.c. motor. This is the device that ultimately caused a.c. to win over d.c. After the invention of the steam engine, the a.c. motor was the invention that allowed the industrial revolution to continue at an exponential pace. It led to a reduction in the use of coal to run steam powered machines.