Vegetable Garden Soil: How To Fertilize Your Vegetable Garden

It is very difficult to grow vegetables in poor soil. If you want to grow lots of vegetables you need to add fertilizer to your vegetable garden soil to make them grow better. Before you add fertilizer to your garden you need to determine which nutrients are required. There is no point in adding nutrients that are already present and sometimes adding too much nutrients can harm your vegetables. So the first thing that you should do is take your soil to a soil testing lab to determine how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium your soil contains. Leafy plants like an even ratio of NPK, while root vegetables prefer lower nitrogen in relation to phosphorus and potassium. So keep this in mind when choosing a fertilizer.

The time to fertilize is at the end of the growing season after all of your vegetables have been picked. Add the fertilizer that you have selected to the soil and then add one or two inches of compost and a little manure as well, after that till your garden to mix everything together into the soil.

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After growing season starts and your vegetables have become well established, you can also add mulch to your garden. Mulch will add extra nutrient to your soil as it decomposed. Grass clippings, dried manure, leaves and other dry organic matter can be added to your garden as mulch.

If your vegetables look like they need more nutrients, consider applying a liquid fertilizer. This is especially good for fast growing vegetables. Simply follow the directions on the label and then spray it on the leaves and roots of your vegetables.

So this is all you need to do to fertilizer your vegetable garden soil. If you do this, even if you start out with a poor soil, you will still be able to grow bumper crops of veggies.